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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Brandon Engelen

ID: 109

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ID: 109
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My Vision for the Future of the Gas StationThe lack of infrastructure is among the greatest barriers to Electric Vehicle adoption. The challenge of designing a building that can change what people think of the future of cars.The Site will consist of 4 charging towers which will be able to accommodate 40 electric vehicles. Between them, is an innovation centre focused on Automotive research. Its primary aim is to help make a change via transport. I personally believe that this could be a huge step towards the automotive industry. It will bring together the brightest minds from the industry and academia to develop future vehicles and mobility solutions. The central building which is the innovation centre has the aim is to inspire future designers, engineers and researchers, therefore bringing new approaches to smarter lighter greener transport and delivering the skills required to keep It globally competitive. The central space is suspended by the charging towers which are on each side of the building, the aim was to create a significant amount of space for the circulation and movement of the electric vehicles coming in and exiting. By using the charging towers as a structural feature, it allowed for the minimal use of columns that would have disrupted the movement of the cars on the ground floor. The aim of electric vehicles will be charging while parked. The use of rotary parking towers can accommodate 10 electric cars and each rotary parking tower takes up 2 ground level parking spaces, there will be 4 towers on the Site therefore will be able to charge and park 40 cars simulA charging space, an automated system consisting of the 4 towers that will wirelessly charge while the electric vehicles are parked. A central area to relax while your car is charging, a parking space while you are at work. At the end of work, you are ready and charged up to drive safely home. The electric vehicle is a prototype with the potential to become a blueprint for mass repetition and that is what I tried to make with this building. Being able to use this design for a blueprint for the future just like electric cars.

Brandon EngelenBrandon EngelenBrandon EngelenBrandon Engelen

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