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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Zeyu Zhang & Jun Xu

ID: 1082

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ID: 1082
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“Restoring Neighborhood”

Project location: 384 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA  30308, USA

“Commercial buildings had begun to replace the residences in the northern Neighborhood of Atlanta by 1945, the neighborhood had completely transitioned from residential to predominately commercial.” -Fulton county.

The intention of selecting the “leftover” office building at the intersection of ivan allen jr blvd ne and peachtree street is to restore the residential neighborhoods from the movement of “expansion of the business district”.
The walkable distance to church, restaurants, hospitals, parks, existing parking deck with the capability to hold 257 cars, and atlanta landmark views make it a valuable site to be reused as a residential project.

Proposed vivid living and shared working environment within one building provide amore contemporary lifestyle. Elevators covered by curtain walls emphasize more of the sculpture image of medical art building. The vertical circulations and extended landings around building facades give residents more opportunities for view explorations and interactions.    

The building structure and material are maximized preserved. The fireproofed steel structures are kept as its original function for holding the whole building up. To not destroy existing cast-in-place concrete slabs,exterior stairs covered by mesh metal and curtain panels are attached on existing non-structural brick facades with supports to accommodate inner apartment unit circulation and view requirements. Various apartment unit types sit on different levels and minimized number of interior walls which homeowners can easily accommodate new functions."

Zeyu Zhang & Jun XuZeyu Zhang & Jun XuZeyu Zhang & Jun XuZeyu Zhang & Jun Xu

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