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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Borja Fernández & Hussain Alatya

ID: 108

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ID: 108
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The presented proposal raises from the basic response of two current problems; the ongoing dependence on fossil fuel for motorized vehicles and also production of private transport. Due to that the project was prepared.The implementation of electric vehicles and the possibility of easy sharing will not only be as a method of transportation in town but also to make it possible and reliable enough for taking it further out of town connecting cities together, all depending on 100% clean and sustainable energy.For that, ring shaped parking system with charging docks are stacked vertically as a prototype for this proposal.

The rings would have three different sizes to accommodate variety of common car styles such as: Small size hatchbacks, medium size to full size saloons. The vertical stacking of the charging rings is what generates the shape of the proposal: The green parking tower, or “Power bank”.These towers will be fed by two main renovable methods; principally by a photovoltaic farms or wind farms; and other complimentary, which comes from the tower itself as a form of photovoltaic panels.  The Power Banks or parking towers will service in two main ways: by charging shared vehicles parked inside the stacked rings tower; the other way is by working as a conventional gas station for electric car users on street level for private cars, mopeds or any chargeable devise user. By this way, the towers and their surroundings will compose the image of the future gas-station.

These towers will be the tools -once implemented in different locations and in different cities- to creating the map which progressively will substitute what we now know of. This way, the proposal will not only find a way to change the image of the actual gas stations, but also will change the whole system of how they actually work and service.Two topologies of these future gas stations would create the city’s new geographic mosaic; The Power Bank of cities dedicated completely to the city rhythm, an element which responds to the ease of use of shared electric vehicles, and for those who privately own one and need a quick charge. As added these towers result as city lungs breathing polluted air and filtering it through their green facades. On the other hand, on highways the power banks would be a type of a various pit-stops for shared cars working as points of switching cars in case of low battery or mechanical issues, and for private owners to park and relax and enjoy the installations of the system to charge their vehicles and rest far away from the chaotic city rhythm. An App will be developed linking all the towers’ information in terms of shared vehicles availability, charging levels, reservations and docking, as well as checking traffic for private vehicle users lineups.

The proposal will take the use of shared cars to a whole new level. Making it more efficient and accessible to the user, easier and safer to travel with, and guaranteed parking spots cutting down on wait time and city traffic. Without forgetting the private users by providing them the necessary installations. By getting energy from sustainable sources and by efficient distribution of the power banks along the cities and outside connections, the coexistence of efficient comfortable transport with better future for the environment is done reachable.

Borja Fernández & Hussain AlatyaBorja Fernández & Hussain AlatyaBorja Fernández & Hussain AlatyaBorja Fernández & Hussain Alatya

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