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Alexandra Chuprina

ID: 1077

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ID: 1077
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What is leisure time? This is free time from work, which a person can devote to spiritual and cultural enrichment and communication with loved ones. It is known that public spaces allow people to fully communicate. Unfortunately, residents of many Russian cities are deprived of this opportunity. So, Shkotovo do not have a place where people could communicate. The village is used as a place of short stop for travelers around the region and employees of transport companies. The influx of transport and people is temporary: there is no reason to stay there for a long time. A few years ago, production was stopped at the Shkotovsky brick factory. I propose a radical renovation of this object into a multifunctional center for contemporary art. The former factory becomes a space for getting acquainted with the recent trends in the world of culture, getting skills in working with clay and temporary housing-recreation with the inclusion of jobs.

The main directions of the project are to create a public space for local residents and a point of attraction for visitors from neighboring cities. Creative workshops open up to everyone the potential of local material (clay) and the opportunity to develop their own skills. Classes become a place of communication and mutual learning for people who would never have met in everyday life. Keeping in mind that art is an element that can unite people with completely different life contexts, we create a unique gallery space. There is a meeting of a nonresident resident with a local, and unexpected, surprising connections appear. The workshop complex also includes a block of dormitories. This solution is an opportunity for local youth to master the technique of working with ceramics. Residents of neighboring cities will also be able to come to educational courses.

Currently, the recreational potential of the Primorsky territory is not used enough. Climate and geographical resources of the region are not used.  

Creating a temporary residence block and working laboratories, we present to any of the residents of the Primorsky territory the opportunity to combine leisure and work. Being in close proximity to the main transit between the ports, the center (my object) is easily accessible, and the peripheral location relative to the activity zone of the village (as if it were) contributes to a quiet environment on the territory of the complex. The outdoor Park and winter greenhouse contribute to human communication with nature, thus inspiring and restoring it. The special nature of the laboratory space gives a new experience of work and self-organization.

A new approach to organizing social interaction is a way to create connections between people who differ not only in age, but also in the General background. So the child and the adult find themselves in a common goal (training, creation) space – a workshop.  

Thus, the renovation of the brick factory in the village of Shkotovo can lead to the restoration of ties in the entire region.

Alexandra ChuprinaAlexandra ChuprinaAlexandra ChuprinaAlexandra Chuprina

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