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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Jui Soni

ID: 1075

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ID: 1075
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The Revival - One Burlington.
Built in 1982 in the Burlington city in New Jersey, USA, the Burlington Centre Mall had many glorious years before its gradual downfall that started during the Great Recession, followed by competition from upcoming state of the art shopping malls and the rise of online shopping.
The design aims to revive the historic Burlington Centre Mall and transform it into the focal point of the community for Burlington city.
The proposed design divides the site into three parts following along the existing division of spaces for the 3 big box retail stores. Entertainment, Work/study and Recreation/Sports are the three fundamental functional aspects of the One Burlington Centre.
The design aims to lead by example by being self-sufficient. The buildings’ energy is produced through PV panels and piezoelectricity through the Pavegen technology. The restaurant’s source local produce from the urban farming in the main passage of the structure and bring people together through these community practices. Parking has been reduced to just the space near the Arcade, promoting walking and cycling.
The goal is to shift the focus from the vehicular transport to walking and cycling thus promoting less pollution and healthier lifestyles. Provisions of bicycles to navigate the site and electric mode of transport from various transit stops will encourage more people to leave their cars behind and explore in a unique way.
The Arcade will provide for various means of entertainment activities, movie theatres, bowling alley and eateries.
While the Work/Study function will ensure ample space for businesses, start-ups, school students and flexible remote working environments. The large space will allow to make provisions for social distancing that has been imperative during this pandemic by providing space to hold classes, meeting, small study groups or video screenings with the appropriate measures.
The Sports & recreation space will cover a diverse range of sports and have indoor cricket pitches, basketball courts etc to ensure enjoyment and wellbeing throughout the year, even during the winter.
The urban agriculture space will help people learn to grow their own food and collaborate with the farmers of Burlington, hence moving towards eating healthy and promoting local produce.
The design aspires to serve as a one-stop-shop for the community in the heart of the Burlington city, transforming the currently defunct mall into a lively, buzzing space fostering a strong sense of community.

Jui SoniJui SoniJui SoniJui Soni

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