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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Robede Hazrat, Saeed Ramezani, & Yasamin Kazemi

ID: 1067

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ID: 1067
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Nakhrisi Factory had been established on March 5th, 1935. Its initial operation started in 1938. The purpose of constructing this factory was developing textile industry in Khorasan that will cause consuming local harvest (cotton) and developing farming and industry. In 2004 Nakhrisi Factory was moved to Neyshabour in order to have a bigger space and its old building has been abandoned.

Our Design:

Given that the issue of waste production today is one of the biggest threats to the environment, We have decided to take measures to preserve the environment and ensure a healthy life for the future, so the usage we have planned and designed for this building is waste material collection. Reusable and recyclable materials such as plastic, fabric and paper are collected and used to recreate new products.

To present, display, and encourage the culture of recycling, we have considered workshops and markets that will both create jobs for the local community of the neighborhood and inspire a culture of recycling and environmental awareness and protection among the said community.

Robede Hazrat, Saeed Ramezani, & Yasamin KazemiRobede Hazrat, Saeed Ramezani, & Yasamin KazemiRobede Hazrat, Saeed Ramezani, & Yasamin KazemiRobede Hazrat, Saeed Ramezani, & Yasamin Kazemi

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