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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Nidhi Isac

ID: 1061

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ID: 1061
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The main idea here, is to transform the core character of a chosen space, positively, while retaining the main structural framework.

The space chosen here for this adaptive re-use project, is a multi-level car-park, that is rarely used by the community. The proposed concept is a complete transformation of this car-park which as a space has a character of idleness, to a space that has high energetic vibes and facilitates enthusiastic interactions. This concept can be realised by re-designing the chosen space into a pavilion, with recreational facilities such as rock-climbing, trampoline park, and an open gym, thus literally waking up a structure that was otherwise asleep.

This proposal has been structured after many observations of the activities of the community during different times of the day. The existing structure has the profile of a typical cuboid, measuring 34.8m by length, 23.6m by breadth, and 20.8m by height. Metal grids comprising of vertical and horizontal steel members form the structural framework of the four walls of this cuboidal envelope. Aluminium panels are clamped onto the horizontal steel members of the main structural grid, so that each wall appears to have a horizontally stripped pattern.  

This structure envelopes a parking space, created by installing a rotary car-parking system inside, that has 6 levels, and is independent of the exterior structure. The proposed design retains the existing profile of the structure which is composed of the metal grids. Instead of the aluminium panels arranged horizontally, however, vertically arranged metal frames are proposed,each of whose width, alignment, and composition with alternating sheets of tinted glass and perforated metal screens, are intentionally designed so that on the exterior and the interior of this structure,which is now a pavillion, is able to portray a high energy and playful environment, through the way light and sound passes in and out of this structure.

In the interior volumes, a rock-climbing wall, a trampoline park, and gym facilities would be installed and composed practically, to facilitate healthy community interactions among different age groups.

Nidhi IsacNidhi IsacNidhi IsacNidhi Isac

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