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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Anastasia Ulyanova

ID: 1060

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ID: 1060
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“Boiler house. - New Basilica”
It is typical in Moscow that places of public attraction are located in the city center. This means that most citizens do not have the opportunity to relax where they live - in the periphery. My project offers a solution to this problem without large-scale construction.

Boiler House. - New Basilica is a combination of 3 revitalization programs for typical boiler houses built in Moscow between 1960-1985.  They were the energy center of the quarters, but even though the function of those buildings is outdated, they still have potential.

I propose to save the utilitarian function of the building - heating, but replace gas fuel with an ecological algae biofuel. The architectural similarity of the boiler house with the early Christian basilica prompted me to reinforce this image and develop the basilica as an archetype, to a community center which will become the center of public life for the quarter.

The first program is utilitarian. In the renewed boiler house, cyanobacteria will be grown, processed into fuel, and used for heating. This function will be useful for quarters which already have existing social areas.

The second program is a mix of functions. The utilitarian function prevails, but the social function has additional spaces like a gallery and atrium (images of the second program added).

In the third program, social function is dominant and it is a more realistic program.
As you see the volume of the utilitarian function is opaque, whereas the community center, in contrast, is transparent.
Due to my project, the sleeping areas will become more comfortable for life, and the old boiler houses will have a second life. The physical heat will pass into heartfelt warmth.

Anastasia UlyanovaAnastasia UlyanovaAnastasia UlyanovaAnastasia Ulyanova

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