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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Maria Svetovidova & Artur Gilfanov

ID: 1059

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ID: 1059
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TIArch Studio (Tutors: Ilnar Akhtiamov and Rezeda Akhtiamova)

Level Up. Garages rehabilitation project
For most Russian cities, the garage is a significant part of the city.  When the garages were built (in the middle of the previous century), the spaces that they occupied were unsuitable for architecture, as there had been more space and varieties in the city centre , but since the city has grown in population and its architecture, these spaces are more valuable now and can be fulfilled with more function and beauty.

The garages serve as a parkings, storage spaces and personal workshops or studios, but the way garage complexes are organized creates unsafe spots in the city fabric. Also, this type of single-level building is not effective in terms of land use, especially in the city centre.

The site that we have chosen for the project has a row of garages on an interesting landscape that nearly reaches their roofs on one side. It is situated on a busy lively street in the centre of Kazan city. Although there is a university on the street, there is not enough cultural public spaces, and the street serves solely as a transit, with no spaces for urban activity and places to have a rest.

Taking into account the insecure access to the roof, the unsustainable materials of existing construction and low functionality of occupied space, we decided to create a common space over the structure. This way we preserve the best in the garages, keeping the main structure but making the overall space more comfortable and safe. The main ‘box’ is an open cultural and educational space. There is a lower terrace that becomes a part of the street, creating an active meeting point.

The intervention is not only a local solution but a model for reactivating and reintegrating other garage complexes. The approach, proving that a significant area of the city may be used more effectively bringing more diverse programs, can be implemented in nearly every part of the city.

The created space with its new programs contributes to the overall sustainability, comfort, aesthetics and safety of the street, provoking social interactions, preserving and enhancing local habits and bringing people together to create a stronger community.

Maria Svetovidova & Artur GilfanovMaria Svetovidova & Artur GilfanovMaria Svetovidova & Artur GilfanovMaria Svetovidova & Artur Gilfanov

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