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Madison Motil

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ID: 1058
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The location of this site is a small town in southwestern USA. It is a town rich with tradition and community involvement. With one of the few true town squares left, it has an atmosphere of small-town life where dreams can be larger than life. After meeting with their Main Street director, it was clear that the community wanted a location to experience, to enjoy, to be seen. With a historic downtown, beautiful lakes, and many events, the community needed a unique destination in their town that would bring in people from all over to experience what they have to offer. Adapting one of the currently underutilized lots into a boutique hotel was a perfect fit. Another thing that residents lacked was a social activity where they could meet in the evening. They often mentioned going out of town to bigger cities to get that experience. Bringing in a winery with hors d’oevres provides a community focus and encourages social interaction between visitors and locals.

The architecture of this town square ranges widely, from Classic Revival style to historically Victorian buildings. The particular site being reimagined is on the southwest corner of the outer square. Across from this lot is a Carnegie Library that stands strong in the center square. This lot, which contains buildings from an old gas station, is at an ideal angle to showcase all the town square has to offer. Building on top of one of the existing buildings on the lot will allow guests to view the historically beautiful buildings still standing. A rooftop bar will be featured with the proposed hotel to allow residents to see and experience the magical qualities that a charming town square has to offer. On the other side of the gas station is a mechanic shop. This will be transformed into the public winery, with indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Because of the old gas station and mechanic shop, this lot used to be widely known and frequently visited. Since then, it has now become abandoned, but with buildings sitting on a prime corner of the outer town square. The cream brick and simple facades of these buildings provide a blank canvas of opportunity. The middle building is triangular, which allows the proposed design to follow that shape in multiple ways. A new glass and steel enclosure over the existing triangular building connects all three buildings together, creating a common area between the private boutique hotel and the public winery. This glass roof integrates the new with the old without overpowering any specific architecture style already seen on the building. The glass and steel materials reflect a major impact on the town of a locally headquartered, nationally known construction equipment company. Another strong influence on the town and its residents is agriculture. Using more industrial type materials highlights the blue-collar working environment of this town and accentuates and praises its importance. The construction company’s orange and the local school’s red are featured through the interior finishes.

Madison MotilMadison MotilMadison MotilMadison Motil

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