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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Kashichkina Julia & Desyatnikova Julia

ID: 1057

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ID: 1057
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Renovation project of the pre-owned barracks complex to areas of interest

Located in a privileged location near the centre, an abandoned industrial settlement was chosen as a target of a renovation proposal.

The former complex Barracks with historical interest built in 1886.

These historical buildings are located in a privileged location close to the centre of the city. The territory is under protection of region government and it has historical significance for the city. Nevertheless, now the territory looks abandoned, and buildings seem ruined. For that reason it has a negative impact on the region.
The city development depends on the development of public places. The analysis of development of public spaces in the city shows that there are not enough places for rest and education there.
Our proposal is to design a creative space with an inviting environment for development and realization of people’s potential. It will also meet social and emotional needs of visitors who work and rest there.
The territory is divided into several functional zones:
- Hostel
- Hand-made shops
- Beauty salons
- Food court with bars, cafes, and restaurants
- Food market
- Museums and temporary exhibitions
- Classrooms and auditoriums for educational events
- Offices and co-working zones
On the territory a new construction of an atrium with balconies and passages to link buildings will be built. As buildings have historic importance, a plenty of art objects with «place memory» will be created.  A lighthouse as a dominant of the territory will be designed to attract visitors to the complex.
As for materials, historical buildings will be built by red brick. Buildings also have metal reinforcing structures both outside and inside buildings. Moreover, floors inside buildings will be concrete. To preserve the industrial character of the complex, furniture with metal elements as well as metal structures will be used. Also, basic materials of redecoration are concrete and glass.
In the central hall, a big construction in the form of an installation will be created to demonstrate events, information and lightshows.
On the basis of renovation method, several design tools were used:
- Organization of different zones and division of the territory into various functions;
- Modification and changing a part of objects and their configuration;
- Integration method to design new dominants and objects;
- Introduction of new forms and materials;
- New constructions for empowering facilities;
- Combination of the properties of the functional constituent elements of the object with each other.
In conclusion, the project is relevant due to the fact that people have demand on places with which they can interact and where they can use their time profitably. Nowadays, renovation of the pre-owned barracks complex is current social issue in the city and it requires an urgent decision. Creation of multifunctional places penetrates the life of modern people significantly, and they are integral parts of the development of cities with cultural heritage.

Kashichkina Julia & Desyatnikova JuliaKashichkina Julia & Desyatnikova JuliaKashichkina Julia & Desyatnikova JuliaKashichkina Julia & Desyatnikova Julia

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