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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Chris Reebals, Milton Bian, Steven Smith, & Nathaniel Bartlett

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ID: 1056
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Armour & Co

Located at 2309 1st Avenue North in the Morris Avenue Historic District of Birmingham, Alabama, this project is part of a significant and important warehouse district with buildings dating from 1885 to 1920. The Armour & Co warehouse served as a meat processing facility during the turn of the century. Cattle, brought in from the adjacent rail lines filled the three floors of the building from top to bottom. The original slaughterhouse and smokestacks of the building operated and produced and distributed beef throughout the country. These buildings were an important part of the commercial and jobbing hub of early Birmingham and are significant to the city’s history.

The adaptive reuse transforms the building to a HUB building with first floor retail/restaurant and apartments on the upper floors. All spaces preserve the historic integrity of the space and incorporate historic elements of the building into the design.  For example, the existing three skylights were restored to their original state and are featured in the residential units, providing light and unique design elements in the property. All original windows in the building were restored to their original state and reinstalled in working order and a mezzanine overlook are featured elements in the design. The historic staircase was preserved and will be displayed behind glass and serve as tenant access to the lower level. Historic materials like brick are removed, hand-cleaned and reused throughout the building. Exterior elements such as the fire escape and original awnings will be reinstalled as original to the building. In addition the original smokehouse chimneys will become the interior stairwell with the original patina of the building. All original millwork, timbers, and wood floors and ceilings were restored where possible throughout the building.

The addition of a rooftop deck and bar was incorporated into the design and add a significant rooftop with usable space. The addition of a rooftop bar will provide expansive views of the downtown and Vulcan statue atop Red Mountain.

The preservation of the Armour & Co building is an important step in the revitalization of both Morris Avenue and First Avenue’s Historic District. The neighboring blocks of the district have some restored buildings and the contribution of this project will cement the area as desirable location and worthy of investment. The retail project will support other businesses in the district and residents will contribute to the fabric of the Historic District to support retail and business investments in the district.

Chris Reebals, Milton Bian, Steven Smith, & Nathaniel BartlettChris Reebals, Milton Bian, Steven Smith, & Nathaniel BartlettChris Reebals, Milton Bian, Steven Smith, & Nathaniel BartlettChris Reebals, Milton Bian, Steven Smith, & Nathaniel Bartlett

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