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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Eliana Forero, Jimena Lineros, & Julian Jaime

ID: 1051

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ID: 1051
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Our project is located in bogotá, colombia, pablo vi is the name of the neighborhood. Along of tim. This space has had different programs that have served as equipment for the community. (cinema, squash courts, restaurant, etc) however, a long time ago it is been abandoned and only 10% of the space is being used as a storage and restaurant. Our idea arises from the need to:

1. Re-use the space with activities for the community

2. Supply the demand for suitable spaces to grow. With he covid-19 pandemic we had need to start cultivating our own food.

3. In the neighborhood, we don´t have spaces suitable to show our works. During the year, we show our works, many of them it is from elderly, being almost 50% of the population and entrepreneurs with almost 20% of the population.

Therefore, a-0 arises a project that meets the new needs of pandemic and community.

Eliana Forero, Jimena Lineros, & Julian JaimeEliana Forero, Jimena Lineros, & Julian JaimeEliana Forero, Jimena Lineros, & Julian JaimeEliana Forero, Jimena Lineros, & Julian Jaime

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