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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Arthur Loree, Matthew Claus

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ID: 105
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Pollution, environmental distress, and dependency on a finite resource; these are all facts which surround the current gas station model across the world.  The physical manifestation of these facts is also universally expressed in its form, often a canopy for protection of the car and its owner, a service building, underground storage, and impermeable hardscapes.  This model promotes the sale of finite resources based on a cache of fossil fuels which has not shown a great deal of innovation since its birth.  Our vision for the gas station of the future eliminates the focus on the purchasing of fuel and instead creates a public betterment to provide nourishment, enrichment, and sustainable resources.

In essence, the concept of the gas station provides a support typology in which to allow its users to continue to be mobile, functioning as a resource to support the constant need for transportation.  Many believe that the electric car and its fuel source will simply swap out with current gas-powered vehicles, however, this is still based upon an energy storage solution made from finite resources.  Individuals will be able to power their vehicles from their homes, workplace, or other more convenient locations, this will ultimately cause a shift for the current model of the gas station.  The gas station of the future must acknowledge this and consider a solution that is not adaptive in the short term but rather transformative in the long term.

Clean water, sanitation, hygiene, and renewable commodities; these are the possibilities for the gas station of the future, most notably in the parts of the world that lack these basic resources. Water, the most important resource of all is in many countries a struggle in regards to supply and sanitation, however, there already exists gas stations ready to sell gasoline. With the high demand for water According to the UN World Water Development report from 2019, around two-thirds of the world population in 31 countries experience scarcity of water for at least one month of the year with water usage rising about 1% since the 1980s.  Additionally, the report notes that over 80% of wastewater returns to the environment without being treated.

Our design for the gas station of the future focuses on putting the human and community first.  Featured across the majority of gas stations around the world is the pronounced canopy that typically features signage.  This canopy would be retooled with rain collection funnels that would collect rainwater to then pass through a filtration process and be stored underground.  Underground storage protects the water from being exposed to sunlight which can promote unwanted growth.  The gas station of the future will require long term solutions for long term issues and not be reliant on the short term supply of resources. Access to clean water, hygiene, and renewable commodities will always be a necessity for human life no matter the location.

Arthur Loree, Matthew ClausArthur Loree, Matthew ClausArthur Loree, Matthew ClausArthur Loree, Matthew Claus

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