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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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M.Adel Alatassi

ID: 1048

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ID: 1048
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Project: The Re-activation of the Existing and abandoned Homs Train Station.
Place: Homs, Syria

This Project is a vision to enhance and re-activate the Syrian Infrastructure (Railway transportation), by changing the definition of train-station, to become a battery of functions that serve the City of (Homs first battery location), and then the Syrian context.

The Method of this vision takes advantage of the technology and breaks the boundaries of design by exploring the possibilities that 3D-printing offers in the field of architecture and construction. Furthermore, the work with sustainable, eco-friendly materials, such as clay as its main building material and Km-0 found additive solutions to enhance its structural properties.

The final out-put will be a combination of two things:
1-first: The Existing Train station in Homs City Located in the heart of the Syrian Railway Line.
2-Second: 3D-Printed Clay Units that have an unlimited Connection Configurations That can be easily Connected with The existing Building.

1.Unique identity Through a collaborative approach using  additive manufacturing technologies, local materials and local craftsman
2.Generating different typologies that can be used in various configurations as
3.Climet responsive Architecture
4.knowledge exchange and local participation
5.Creating a stable economic cycle to help built the future
6.Making The Project as an open source for Future Developments

M.Adel AlatassiM.Adel AlatassiM.Adel AlatassiM.Adel Alatassi

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