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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Lyngksiar N Khongwir & Mohit Jangid

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ID: 1047
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Shekhawati region is an administrative entity covering the north-eastern part of Rajasthan, India with part of present-day Sikar district and Jhunjhunu district; however, the cultural boundaries of the Shekhawati extended beyond its administrative border into Bikaner bringing the Churu District within its fold as well. The historical backdrop of the region existed not only because of the rulers; as compared to other parts of Rajasthan. There were a lot of reasons for its establishment, but the main reasons included politics, art business, which gave shape to its cultural landscape.

This region is suffering of demographic changes with a maximum out-migration in the main trading towns, and so is the case of Ramgarh town which was once the main trade centre of the region and this happens due to the shift in the trade scenario after the decline of Mughal rule and arrival of British. And this out-migration over generations has vastly affected Ramgarh town especially the merchants’ migration out of their hometown resulting in the abandoned and dilapidation of a large number of Heritage structures and so as the case of Ramgarh fort in the town and the town facing a challenge with non-resident owners and resultant creation in the abandonment.
The towns in Shekhawati such as Sikar, Fatehpur, and Mandawa are also victims of the rapid urbanization. Ramgarh still demonstrates a better state of authenticity and very little urbanization.

This project mainly focusses on the conservation of the Ramgarh Fort and its adaptive Reuse. The purpose is to conceive and implement a conservation plan and achieve a sustainable model through the adaptive reuse to a skill center cum community center of the town.

Lyngksiar N Khongwir & Mohit JangidLyngksiar N Khongwir & Mohit JangidLyngksiar N Khongwir & Mohit JangidLyngksiar N Khongwir & Mohit Jangid

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