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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Oskar Szelevényi & Kristóf Lipótzy

ID: 1045

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ID: 1045
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Our chosen site is located in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. This aviary-like structure was
built by an unknown architect in the last century – in a parasitic style – onto a narrow old
building in the center of the city, where the Danube river divides Budapest to Buda and Pest.
This provides an incredible panorama which includes the beautiful Gellért-Hill, and a full
view to the rivercoast.
It used to function as a nightclub which led to the discontentment of the neighbourhood. It
was definitively closed due to the noise polution.
Regarding the building’s last purpose, and the problems it caused, we not only wanted to
keep, but to „elevate” this place to it’s full potential. In our mind, this consisted of merging
what already existed with what would help us to reach our goal. The glass facade, the height
and therefore the view of this abandoned site was already given to us. Considering all these
factors we’ve dreamt up a butterfly house on a rooftop. It was a very gripping study and
The building was originally divided to three storeys linked by a single spiral staircase. It
includes an overhanging terrace on the second floor and one as/on the rooftop which we’ve
kept. Eventually we reduced these to one, inwrought floor, facilitating the travelling of light
through the building. It is made out of a scaffolding system which made access easier to the
terraces and a great promenade possibility. The enlarged ceiling height also favored – in the
first place- the life of plants and butterflies as well as the experience of the visitor. We
believed that one spiral staircase was not enough for the people going up and going down
between storeys at the same time, so we’we built a second one – making directions more
The noise disappeared, the view stayed and the place has become greener and brighter. We
believe it provides very superb, uplifting experience to visitants.

Oskar Szelevényi & Kristóf LipótzyOskar Szelevényi & Kristóf LipótzyOskar Szelevényi & Kristóf LipótzyOskar Szelevényi & Kristóf Lipótzy

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