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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Jae Sung Lee & Giwon Seo

ID: 1043

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ID: 1043
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9-months after the outbreak of the Covid-19 earlier this year, our lives have changed in many ways. While the increasing interest in health has led to the growth of the number of people seeking nature, there has been decrease in logistics movement between countries(also between regions). In severe case, shutdowns have been declared, which made a culture of preferring non-face-to-face trading methods emerge.

As we went through theses situations, we are predicting that agriculture, which had been relegated to rural areas, will return to the urban and enable the community to become a "Self-Sufficient Society". And we suggest that return of agriculture to urban would be possible by starting to 'Change and Reuse' the abandoned buildings.

Starting from Yongsan, the center of logistics and transportation in Seoul, as well as South Korea, Urban Farm will be located throughout the community, which will serve as a GREENERY HUB for the community.

Originally, the building was used as Yongsan Railroad Hospital. And the building of the site consists of three main buildings(main building, old building, and new building). Each of the three buildings will be given the new characteristics. Production & Research(New), Processing & Sales(Old) and Consumption & Education(Main). Consumers will see and experience the whole process of production and processing of food they consume walking through the routes, including the newly penetrated bridge. Through this experience, customers will be able to directly manage what they consume.

Along with what happens inside the buildings, there are three introverted yard around the buildings(interior yard is typical architectural style of Korean society). Flea markets, small-scale performances, or community events will be planned in the courtyards.

Finally, we believe that this community will melt social relations which was frozen by covid-19 and foster self-reliance in the community. We also look forward to experiencing the vivacious community emerge as a hub of the society by the renovation of abandoned buildings which is located nearby your city.

Jae Sung Lee & Giwon SeoJae Sung Lee & Giwon SeoJae Sung Lee & Giwon SeoJae Sung Lee & Giwon Seo

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