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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Simone Nencini, Fabio Nuti

ID: 104

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ID: 104
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The electric future of mobility will transform the concept and way of using current fuel stations.The main change will consist in the times of recharging your vehicle: no more stops of a few minutes, during the waiting time for recharging your car, but also the possibility of being able to spend some time relaxing, shopping and eating in bars and in the restaurants in the special dedicated spaces, which from now will be the focus of the charging stations.In addition to a complete transition from fossil fuels to electricity, there will be a complete sustainability about the environmental impact, and the use of solar panels to provide energy to the complex will avoid wasting electricity.Furthermore, there will be an extensive use of eco-friendly materials such as wood, for old and aesthetically impacting coatings, as well as the use of green on the walls, large green areas surrounding the whole station, with the planting of new trees.

Simone Nencini, Fabio NutiSimone Nencini, Fabio NutiSimone Nencini, Fabio NutiSimone Nencini, Fabio Nuti

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