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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Keyur Shah

ID: 1039

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ID: 1039
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The idea of this project was to formulate an architectural experiment by using an existing abandoned building and putting it through the test of adaptive reuse to utilize, enhance and build new identity of the neighbourhood while maintaining the existing integrity of the building and character of the neighbourhood. The goal of the project is to assess the impact of adaptive reuse on the existing context and neighbourhood. To investigate variety of programs and the criteria for it selection for adaptive reuse. To evaluate the program for economy, social, or cultural need of the neighbourhood. To explore the possibility of architecture as an event - a dynamic definition of architecture as mentioned by Bernard Tschumi and exploring its role in generating events and movements.

Programs are selected on the basis of:
Issue Based
Need Based
Spatial and Volume Requirement

The site is heavily surrounded by residential, commercial and institutional demography. The idea of renewal of site and concept of adaptive re-use of the abandoned structure revolved around rejuvenation of the neighbourhood and concentrate on catering to the long-standing issue of prostitution in the area. This gives rise to two very contrasting programs of 1) CENTER FOR NEIGHBOURHOOD REJUVENATION and 2) NURTURING AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER FOR WOMEN, to be re-imagine into two separate structures on the site.

While designing the nurturing and development centre for women, the idea is to design the kind of spaces that will provide users with facilities to help them develop and empower themselves. To create an environment for the users to feel comfortable and safe when inside the premises. To provide them with different kind of spaces in terms of the activities happening inside it. There is a set of activities that needs to be categorised and put into a space, namely: Sharing space, learning space, Growing space, Accommodation, Space to cater to their health problems and space for leisure. The idea is to cater to women of age group 3 to 40 years old and focussing on helping them develop, nurture, grow and be able to make a living for themselves. Vast area of landscape is put in between the two structures to maintain some degree of privacy, which also adds to the green space in the locality, which in turn will encourage people living in the neighbourhood to use both the public amenities more and more, increasing the footfall and generating events and movements in abundance.

Couple of levels are added to the empty full height volume of the structures, to re-imagine the abandoned structures into urban lofts, because of which many structural additions, like new columns of a certain height and new set of beams for new set of columns are done to the existing structural layout to support these newly added levels. A part of the structure in both the sheds are kept full height, for users to experience the old industrial volume and its overwhelming feeling.

Keyur ShahKeyur ShahKeyur ShahKeyur Shah

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