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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Jakub Stachowiak, Paweł Spryszak, & Michał Hołownia

ID: 1035

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ID: 1035
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The old mill building
Our team decided to give second chance to the old mill building located in small city called Pyrzyce. The mill is located in southern part of the city next to Brama Bańska ,near one of its main old entrances. It is unique location and beautiful building, but despite this, it is not very popular among the citizens of the city because of its age and bad condition. We did small investigation and It turned out that there used to be local market behind the building but because of the emergence of supermarkets in the city it lost its purpose and vanished. For this reason number of people visiting this place dropped to zero. During the investigation we asked citizens what they would like to improve in the city. It turned out that there is a demand for modern public space and a place where local small businesses can sell their goods as they used to do at the old market. We asked ourselves , how we can preserve the character of the place while highlighting the texture of the brick elevation, give it new and fresh look, provide city residents with modern public space, create a space where local manufacturers can show but also sell their products and give local authorities clear sign to further develop this place.
We decided that our actions will be simple and clear. Our first task was to make sure that the old elevation will be highlighted and preserved. In order to do that we created a white form which elevation was created from celluar polycarbonate. Its size is almost the same as the second part of the building. This action gave the old part more powerful and clear look. The construction of the new part resembles that of the old one, both are made of wood. This creates a dialogue between new part and old part. In order to connect modern space for citizens and place for the local manufacturers we decided to use moduls. Whole interior of the building consists from them. These modls are divided by wooden construction which connect whole interior space.  

Jakub Stachowiak, Paweł Spryszak, & Michał HołowniaJakub Stachowiak, Paweł Spryszak, & Michał HołowniaJakub Stachowiak, Paweł Spryszak, & Michał HołowniaJakub Stachowiak, Paweł Spryszak, & Michał Hołownia

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