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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Ayya Kurbanmuradova & Svetlana Krutalevich

ID: 1030

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ID: 1030
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Topic: Design project of an art cluster on the territory of the historic Otrada-Semenovskoye estate.

The historic estate "Otrada-Semenovskoye" is located in the village of Semenovsky, Stupinsky district, Moscow region, Russia. The manor owner from the end of the 18th century till 1917 was the Orlov family. The preservation of the estate: the House-Palace is gradually collapsing and is in the position of property under abeyance. The manor park has been exposed to modern development. Historical value: an architectural monument of federal importance. Semenovskoe-Otrada is included in the World Monuments Fund's list of "100 World Monuments under the Threat of Destruction."

In the middle of the 19th century, it was one of the most interesting residences outside Moscow, with a splendid English park stretching along the Lopasnya River. The estate is made in accordance with all the canons of classicism and throughout its existence has reflected all the phases of its development. The design project of the art cluster on the territory of the historical estate Otrada-Semenovskoye includes an entrance area, restored historical interiors (dining room, library, front bedroom), offices, exhibition spaces, landscape (concert stage, departure circle, pier, entrance area). The aim of the art cluster is aimed at revitalizing the abandoned area in order to restore a historical monument and create an economically profitable investment from it.

Otrada-Semenovskoye is located in the Moscow region, but despite the fact that the estate has no problems with infrastructure, the interest in the estate may be limited due to remote transport accessibility. Therefore, when creating the concept the question arose of choosing the direction of the projected art cluster on the territory of the estate. And the choice fell on the event industry with the use of multimedia. It is about the creation of a multifunctional platform, designed for a constant change of exposure.  

This solution helps to attract different groups of the population due to the versatility of the facility usage. It will make people come back here again and again for new experiences. The concept of the art cluster in Otrada-Semenovskoye is formed on the symbiosis of the past and the future - old classic interiors are complemented by futuristic elements: innovative technologies, materials, equipment. And at the center of all there is the human.  The revised history of the estate complex appears before an audience in new look.

The stylistic component is inspired by the architecture of the existing buildings. The actual style is classicism, complemented by elements of futurism.
The colors and textures also come from the concept: red brick and white plaster, with mirrored black and turquoise neon.

Achievement of the result became possible due to the step-by-step development of the territory — a part of it underwent complete restoration and conservation, and the other one was implemented using modern 3D mapping technologies, holograms and VR. This approach allowed preserving the historic estate and giving a new meaning to the concept of "art cluster".

Ayya Kurbanmuradova & Svetlana KrutalevichAyya Kurbanmuradova & Svetlana KrutalevichAyya Kurbanmuradova & Svetlana KrutalevichAyya Kurbanmuradova & Svetlana Krutalevich

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