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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Deepthi Ganesh

ID: 1022

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ID: 1022
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The main concept of the project involves using the existing housing fabric of Pittsburgh to create shared living. Adaptive reuse of each house block (approximately 3000 sq. ft) to generate communal living. Can Sustainability be a part of the building envelope as well as the space it creates? Can the existing building shell be used to create a different type of living? How do you re-imagine an existing neighborhood without changing its fabric?The prototypology involves studying different user types: individuals, couples, and families to create variations to the standard housing block. The standard housing block now catering the various user groups and evolves volumetrically and spatially to accommodate degrees of sharing. Adaptive reuse of the current housing rows helps to breathe life into the abandoned housing blocks that exist around the city Developing a different, more sustainable method of living where space is limited to necessities and shared communal spaces are created to build a more sustainable lifestyle. In the diagrams of the project the pink spaces are used to indicate the various degrees of shared spaces, while the grey tones are used to indicate private spaces.

Deepthi GaneshDeepthi GaneshDeepthi GaneshDeepthi Ganesh

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