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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Cristian Mariani

ID: 1019

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ID: 1019
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The project was born in the university, the target is the reuse of a old convent in the center of L'Aquila city. The new functional program consists in creating an high formation center, a space for coworking and a space for the fablab. The strategies for a right realization are many, the conversion of the old garden into a public park and the creation of new paths that make the project much more permeable and dynamic. In the old convent all those spaces that over time have been merged with the original convent are eliminated. From a compositional point of view, a building parallel to the convent is created, the green roof of which will be a small public park for the residents of the area as well as for the workers of the center.

The building will have patios that are necessary for the supply of natural light and also relate in a more sensitive and rational way to the limit represented by the historical enclosure of the complex. A relationship that is emphasized with the contribution of walkways that connect the outside to the inside almost like a bridge, having the sensation of entering something of different while remaining in a public space. Although the extension covers the same surface as the convent, it relates with great respect, being visible only from the inside of the complex and being almost imperceptible from the outside and also from the roof itself. All the new paths that characterize the project arise from a profound historical and distributive analysis of the city, which tends to maximize the usability of the complex. The realization of this project would bring new life to this area of the city, offering new spaces for residents and new production spaces.

Cristian MarianiCristian MarianiCristian MarianiCristian Mariani

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