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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Sareh Boshagh Cheghazali & Mehrdad Keshavarzi

ID: 1012

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ID: 1012
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The exact location is 29°37'43N 52°33'24E
1st sheet : The building is located in Shiraz , Iran. It is in downtown. The building is across from a monument called “ Jahan Nama Garden” , that is near to a big library. At the corner there is a city hall and it is near to the tomb of the big poet “Hafez”. According to the places and the functions around the site we decided to make the building to an “Art House”. A place to learn arts like paint , music, theater, poetry and etc. A place to share ideas around arts, and showing arts to the people to invite them to join, join to enjoy or to learn. A place to introduce arts. Furthermore in line to the goal we change the street next to the building to a public place. People pass through a place that may the street theater or any art work is happening in this part, in front of the building. If there was any emergency situation that needs this part of the street, it can be open to use at that moment.
2nd sheet: The building has two floors and two elevations beside the street and the yard. Ground floor is divided to five parts, four shops that sell and serve coffee and a coffee shop. First floor is used to be a habitat but now is desolate. Two shops are desolate as well (they are closed in the first picture). In this area people used to build a house like this, the living part and the business part. Ground floor that is near the street is business part for gaining money as their occupation and first floor is living part that is on the top. This sheet is showing the elevation that is near the street.
The materials were used in current elevation is brick and white tiles in some little part. Across the street there is a monument “Jahan Nama Garden” .The main material that is used in that monument and even in the buildings surrounded to the site is brick. In addition the best material for using in this weather (hot and dry) from the past until now is brick. So according to the context we decided to use brick in the renovated design. And about the windows, they are changed to the big metallic windows according to the goal of sharing arts to people.
In order to the approach and the function of the “Art House” (introducing arts) we need to boost the communication. So for showing the arts and make connection between arts and people we need to use an element. For this we replace walls into the big windows with big glasses. In these rooms with those big glassy windows that are near the street, students are working with the musical instrument or painting and people can see them and even can join them and do the same work like painting or playing music.

Sareh Boshagh Cheghazali & Mehrdad KeshavarziSareh Boshagh Cheghazali & Mehrdad KeshavarziSareh Boshagh Cheghazali & Mehrdad KeshavarziSareh Boshagh Cheghazali & Mehrdad Keshavarzi

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