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ID: 1003
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Although historical buildings have value, they are not suitable for new life. New life requires new shapes and functions, and integrates them with the buildings. This is an abandoned factory building in a Beijing Rihua Second factory.There are many Beijing drifters who usually come to Beijing for work, living alone all year round, and lack the company of relatives and the opportunities to make friends.So, I transformed the factory buildings into an youth apartment which may solve this problem. It provides different types of space which they can freely choose to enter. Spaces are connected to each other by a "living street", creating more possibilities for communication and meeting

In terms of transformation strategy, I try to use minimal changes to create the greatest value for the abandoned factory. I kept the overall frame of the building and demolished a few floors and structures to create a split-level public space. At the same time, a staircase which acts as  "living street" is placed in the center, connecting all public spaces. Finally, I use the corridor to connect this building to the entire factory.For the functional division, the privacy of the space gradually becomes stronger from bottom to top.Different types of public spaces are distributed across the apartment. On the living street, guests can see the function signs of each space and activities inside the space, and freely choose to enter their favorite places.

Moreover, In a place where they work together, designers can communicate and cooperate freely, or they can work on their own. At the same time, the modular design makes the entire space more flexible, with the possibility of multiple activities.In conclusion, I try to build a shared apartment, where designers can actively communicate and create, and meet more like-minded friends through activities, so as to heal the loneliness and helplessness in the hearts of single youths in Beipiao.


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