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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Weijun Peng

ID: 1001

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ID: 1001
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Metropolitan Liminal Theatre

Project Description

Based on the Current Situation of Detroit's Urban Decline and Shrinkage, The site of the project was selected in downtown Detroit. The project will renovate the Michigan building built in the early twentieth century. It was used as a theatre, so in the reconstructed buildings, the performance space is still the core and mixed with other functional spaces to form a community center multi-functional Urban Complex Community Center.This community center is designed for downtown Detroit. It is a function mixed building that allows people to decide on their own and develop their functions according to the specific requirements and needs of users. It was built in response to a single purpose: to build a building that improves environmental quality in Urban Areas and attracts citizens back to the city.

So, in coordination with the planning strategy of urban contraction scale, I choose Urban gravitational field as the concept of design. Centro Centric contraction requires gravity. If this is reflected in the city, the centripetal contraction of the city needs attractions. So I hope this project can be focused on Urban Areas. It will serve as an open public space in Detroit and It is not only a community center for local citizens, more importantly as a place where social culture and public art can take place. Especially as a temporary performance space or an art laboratory for musicians, performing groups, young artists, designers in Detroit. So the central atrium inspired by space and patterns of the original building will serve as a temporary performance space connecting the whole building. Besides, people also can freely expand the functionality of some spaces in the building. This is intended to stimulate the creativity of the public and encourage people to take the initiative in organizing cultural and recreational activities. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to increase the diversity of architectural forms and functions. So the project will integrate different functional areas such as performance, sports, culture and education into the building.

In this building, people of any age, interest and race can find the type of space suitable for themselves and can stay. It can even connect people who are not socially connected because of their different interests and ages in their daily lives. It will serve as an incubator to promote interaction among residents and create urban vitality throughout Detroit.

Weijun PengWeijun PengWeijun PengWeijun Peng

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