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DesignClass is an uplifting platform for professionals and future professionals to foster their creativity and curiosity. It serves as a great way to bring people together around new skills and interests. Each class features engaging video content, interactive activities, and timeless wisdom for professionals of all skill levels.

Architecture professionals from around the world love DesignClass.

I'm not even starting a business, I just love East Fork and am always interested in getting a peek under the hood of their company. if I was starting a business, this series would be an enormous comfort and guide for me. They pose interesting questions and challenge you. They tell you what to prepare for when launching your own work and do so in an incredibly honest and informative way.

Hailey H.

Ryan's class is a valuable start to creating a children's book. His easy-going brief style introduces you to the basics and it's easy to get going from there. A great course - well worth your time.

Frank de S.

I'm excited to be part of this and see how it can be a great tool for people to study for the ARE and become licensed.

Ashleigh W.

I loved it! It had very nice short clips, was easy to follow and had good information and tips designing your own tiny house.

Ela R.

What has me really excited is the strong recognition that architects come from different backgrounds. This is the first time I've seen this included in an educational platform for architecture and I think it's about time.

Joseph B.

This looks like it could be a great resource for our members who are studying for the ARE.

Ruben R.

Really liked this course! Learned a lot about the process of making a children's book. Now I feel more confident and motivated to tackle my own project. Thanks, Ryan!

Veronica K.

This Guide is going to bring something new to the table. I've used Black Spectacles and other resources but none of them really make you excited to study and accomplish your goals. Sure, they provide the information but that's it. Remy & Ray's Guide looks like it be not only useful but also fun. Who knew this was possible with study materials?

Ben T.