Hi, I'm Julia and I have drawn my life every day for three years. 

I illustrate my life in a Drawing Journal — a personal diary where instead of writing I capture my memories through drawing and other visual mediums. In my new book, I will tell you about my experience and show how you can start your own! 

I believe you'll find it a great way to be inspired by your daily routine, develop your drawing skills, and remember special moments forever.

The Wonders of Daily Drawing was created for all ages and drawing levels. It is for anyone who feels a lack of creativity and art in their daily life. I hope you will join me on this journey.

Book Information

  • Over 200 pages of activities & instruction
  • PDF eBook
  • Ages: 5 - Adult
  • Grades: 1st and beyond
  • ISBN: 9781735259017
  • Written & Illustrated by Julia Zass

Are you searching for things to draw?

Learn how to see the beauty in everyday life.

The Wonders of Daily Drawing is an interactive book and creative journey to help you gain capture life in all its glory. Perfect for artists of all skill levels, adults and children.
The Wonders of Daily Drawing with Julia Zass

Do you know what a rebus is?⁠

Learn new ways of being creative.

A rebus is a visual puzzle where words are represented by drawings. Your job is to piece together the meaning from the drawings in the rebus.⁠ ⁠ Hint: Two bees + Oar + Knot + Two Bees - To be or not to be.
The Wonders of Daily Drawing with Julia Zass

Pencil or Pen?

Learn how to choose the right materials for your drawings

The Wonders of Daily Drawing with Julia Zass

Want a physical copy?

Available in Hardcover and Softcover

Buy The Wonders of Daily Drawing with Julia Zass nd have it shipped to your door with Amazon Prime.
The Wonders of Daily Drawing by Julia Zass