The first part in the What is Architecture? series, Understanding Architecture is a unique insight into the meaning, heritage, and purpose of this ancient craft. Dispelling with the tendency for architecture theory to be pompous and cryptic, these lessons unfold as a story. 

It is a simple journey of someone walking home who discovers that their steps soon form a path and that path develops a life of its own. Akheel Khan captures this journey in an easy-to-read manner with hand-drawn illustrations to bring the concepts together. Something that can be appreciated by student, professional, and novice alike.

This workshop works in partnership with the included eBook for What is Architecture? - Understanding Architecture.


"Understanding Architecture is refreshing and insightful read on the meaning, value, and importance of architecture in our society."
Wandile Mthiyane, Ubuntu Design Group

 "Understanding Architecture is an intriguing and easy read that brings back fond memories of studio. It will be a valuable resource to anyone who wants a quick insight into the subtle components of architecture."
Joshua Sanabria, GoArchitect

'Finally, a definition for architecture - and one that is simple to understand for the layperson and professional alike.'
—Rishen Mahadew, Architect

About the Author

Akheel Khan

Akheel Khan is an architectural designer by day and dedicated writer by night, currently residing in South Africa. With over a decade of combined academic and working experience in the discipline of design and the field of architecture, he shares his knowledge through an online platform called An Architect, which he founded in 2018. Akheel is determined to encourage the awareness and appreciation of Architecture’s significance in society through the aid of technology.

Workshop Chapters

  • 1

    Introduction to Workshop

  • 2

    Architecture & Design

    • Architecture & Design: An Overview

    • Assignment: Initial Definition

  • 3

    Ritual & Programme: The Beginning of Architecture

    • Ritual

    • Programme

    • Assignment: Ritual & Programme

  • 4

    Space & Depth: The Idea of Space

    • Space

    • Depth

    • Assignment: Space & Depth

  • 5

    Tectonics & Materiality: The Elemental Approach

    • Tectonics

    • Materiality

    • Assignment: Tectonics & Materiality

  • 6

    Site & Context: The Landscape as Informant

    • Site

    • Context

    • Assignment: Site & Context

  • 7


    • Composing Your Own Definition


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