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Class runs June 1 -30 , 2021

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Discover the hands-on power of architecture to create community and foster dignity.

Join Wandile Mthiyane in a community-centered program where your design directly impacts local families and communities.

Do you want to learn first-hand how strong communities are built in a locally-calibrated context?

Join this interactive, live DesignClass and learn how traditional Zulu Architecture has evolved and been influenced by history, culture, and space. Then take this knowledge and apply it to the real-world design of a home for a resilient family in Durban, South Africa.

"Start from the beginning and understand what makes a strong community."

Learn the history from local experts and community members directly.

We will go back to a time when a home was not designed to be a monument but a place to facilitate cultural experiences, reflect community values, and teach the next generation.

A home as an inclusive safe space for all who need refuge, molded to the needs of the household and built with intention.

"This class will bring traditional knowledge into a modern context."

Gain a new perspective on how you influence the world. 

At the same time, we will be rooted in the present. Learning about modern-day architecture and how apartheid influenced and continues to influence the lives of people living in South Africa. While the institution may be long gone, its effects can still be felt and experienced by many.

 Our goal for the program is to learn about the power of architecture to shape peoples’ livelihood, to experience the beauty of a culture other than their own, and appreciate our rich diversity.

Brought to you by DesignClass & Ubuntu Education Inc.  

We have partnered together to offer this hands-on experience to architecture students and professionals around the world.

Class Dates: June 1-30, 2021

This DesignClass will run from June 1-30, 2021. This is a hands-on class with weekly meeting between participants, Wandile Mthiyane, local community members, and architecture experts. Please be willing to participate in these video calls on a weekly basis.

You'll learn about: the history and effects of apartheid architecture in South Africa, designing in a culturally-influenced way, and how to design for a resilient family in Durban, SA.

Registration Deadline April 20, 2021
Class Dates June 1-30, 2021

"If apartheid architecture could segregate and oppress, community-based design can liberate and enable opportunity, growth, and commerce"

Wandle Mthiyane

What You'll Learn

Access exclusive videos & materials

Learn to Design for Inclusion

Learn about the effects of apartheid architecture while being part of healing communities through inclusive design.

Apartheid Architecture DesignClass

Learn from the Source

Meet with local community members and experts who can provide a unique insight & perspective.

Zulu Architecture DesignClass

Your Design has Impact

Apply your design knowledge to a real-world project for a resilient family in Durban.

Zulu Architect DesignClass

Learn from a team dedicated to social equity

Wandile Mthiyane & Ubuntu Design Group

Wandile Mthiyane, founder of Ubuntu Design Group, grew up in the shanty towns of Durban, South Africa, and always dreamed of returning to make a difference in his home town. After studying architecture in the US, he moved back to his hometown to bring meaningful change.
Wandile Mthiyane DesignClass

Join students from around the world

Learn from and connect with other members of this DesignClass inside an exclusive community.

Zulu Architecture DesignClass community

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  • When does this class start?

    This class runs from June 1-30, 2021. It will include weekly meetings directly with Wandile, his team, and local community members.

  • Do I have to attend all the weekly meeting?

    While we cannot force you to attend every weekly meeting, you are strongly encouraged to do so to get the most out of the program.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Purchasers will have access to this class until it's completion on June 30, 2021.

  • Who is this DesignClass for?

    This DesignClass is for anyone who has dreamed of designing architecture that brings equity, joy, and strength to a community.

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