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What if studying for the ARE was fun?


We thought so too.

Welcome to Remy & Ray's Guide to the ARE 😉

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Why is this important?

Becoming a licensed architect is an important goal for thousands of students & professionals in the US. Unfortunately, the road to licensure is long and has many roadblocks along the way. Bad study materials shouldn't be one of them, don't let them hold you back from becoming an architect.

The DesignClass team is passionate about architecture and our core mission is to foster curious and creative confidence in the community. By creating these Guides, we hope to help build up future professionals in a way that celebrates the joy, passion, and diversity of our industry.

Learn Visually & Interactively

With Remy & Ray's Guide we aim to help future architects learn the essential knowledge they need for the ARE division tests and become strong professionals.

The power of storytelling is key to this goal. You'll follow Remy & Ray as they start their own firm, hire employees, create budgets, and work on their first project. 

As you join them on this adventure, you'll be interacting with the characters and learning along the way. This storyline-driven approach brings complex concepts to life to help you retain information faster and in a more effective way.

We are creating 6 Guides, one for each division of the ARE. Each guide is designed to keep you engaged, make studying into an interactive experience, and keep you on the road to licensure.

We want to encourage the diverse future of architecture.

Providing accurate study materials is the minimum goal. We see Remy & Ray's Guide as a bold move to encourage diversity in the architectural field. The story features characters from diverse backgrounds and stages of life.

Why does this matter?

We believe that creating this diverse cast moves the industry forward by showing current and future professionals that architecture is and can be a vivid kaleidoscope of thoughts and people. Remy & Ray's Guide is about studying but at its core it's also about building a future that we want to live in and helping fellow professionals be the creators of that future.

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