Perfect for any designer or design student who wants to deliver inspiring presentations.

Learn from DesignClass CEO, Josh Sanabria how to approach, prepare, and deliver dynamic presentations. 

Need to make a quick, 3 minute presentation for a studio critique? Have to present a formal powerpoint to a new client? Apply these timeless presentation methods to your educational and professional career.

You'll learn about: public speaking,   injecting personality into your presentations, eliminating filler words, and adopting a strong delivery structure so you are never stumped.

His lessons are practical and based on the nitty-gritty details of starting a design business, collaborating with world-class artists, and working to contribute to the global design community.

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Each lesson features exclusive videos and hands-on activities to help you learn quickly and effectively. 

By the end of this DesignClass you'll learn how to approach design presentations and proposals with a newfound confidence and conviction.

This DesignClass could define your future career.

What You'll Learn

Access exclusive videos, materials, and hands-on challenges


    Learn how to approach design presentations and proposals with clients & colleagues.


    Learn how to improve your public speaking skills through practical activities and challenges.


    Eliminate ums, likes, and other annoying habits that hold you back from great presentations.


    It’s ok to have quirks, learn how to inject ingenuity and personality into your presentations.


    Develop your own unique style so your presentations are consistently high quality.


    Learn how use slides and other presentation tools to bring your words to life.


    Apply these timeless presentation methods to your educational and professional career.


    Learn how to pitch proposals when the stakes are high and your time is limited.


    Connect with other members of this DesignClass inside an exclusive community.

Presentations are hard, joining this course isn't.

If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

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Joshua Sanabria

CEO of DesignClass

Josh is the CEO of DesignClass, an independent media company that fosters curious and creative confidence. He is also the author of several books about design, a software developer, investor, public speaker, and architectural designer.
Josh Sanabria DesignClass

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  • 2

    Let's Jump Right In!

  • 3

    Dynamic Focus Structure

    • Introducing the Dynamic Focus Structure

    • Start with a Contract

    • Activity: Flashcards are a Secret Weapon

    • Activity: Present a Design You're Proud Of.

    • Activity: 30 Seconds for 90 Seconds

    • Responding to Q&A

  • 4

    The Subtle Details

    • It's OK to have Quirks

    • Tips for Presenting School Work

    • Control Your Body Language

    • Do I Sit or Do I Stand?

  • 5

    Presentation Creation

    • Presenting from Slides

    • Useful Slide Presentation Tools

  • 6

    Closing Thoughts

    • Closing Thoughts

    • Please Review this DesignClass

  • 7

    Final Challenge

    • Final Challenge + How to Get your Certificate of Completion

    • Submit Your Presentation Video Link


  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Purchasers will have access to the course forever.

  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

    Yes! If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

  • Who is this DesignClass for?

    This DesignClass is for students and professionals who want to learn how to present their ideas with confidence and conviction. These skills can help you achieve your personal and professionals goals in a competitive environment.

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