Learn how to transform your ideas into real products through ideation, prototyping, and iteration.

Join Piper leaders, Amie & David in their first online class.

Perfect for anyone who has dreamed of designing a new STEAM product from scratch.

Join Piper leaders Amie Zukowski and David Lundgren as they delve deep into how Piper prototypes, tests, developes, and produces new products for the educational market. Get the inside look into how you can create a great product that inspires, educates, and is useful to customers around the world.

This DesignClass has 3 sections: product design, project management, and software. Every lesson is practical and based on the nitty-gritty details of producing their flagship product, the Piper Computer Kit

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Learn from 2 Perspectives

Amie Zukowski

David Lundgren
Prototyping Creating a Minimal Viable Product
Testing Leading a team
Industrial Design Getting to market
Designing for STEAM Selling to education customers
Working with Factories
Crafting a Vision

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Techcrunch - Piper
Fast Company - Piper
Wall Street Journal - Piper
Popular Mechanics - Piper
Wired - Piper

What You'll Learn

Access exclusive videos & materials

Master Design Thinking

Learn how to transform your ideas into real products through ideation, prototyping, and iteration.

Piper - DesignClass

Make Your Idea Reality

Learn how to foster a mindset of experimentation & innovation to create products that inspire & educate.

Piper DesignClass

Develop your Vision

Learn how to turn a simple idea into a vision-driven business with a positive impact on the world.

Piper DesignClass

Understand the User Experience

Learn how to refine your UX for usability & engagement to create great products and advance your career

Piper - DesignClass

Become a Better Leader

Learn from Piper CEO, David Lungren, about how to lead your team as you craft your product.

Piper, David Lundgren - DesignClass

Join a Community

Connect with other members of this DesignClass inside an exclusive community.

Piper DesignClass community

Learn from the Piper Team

Amie & David

It takes a village to create an amazing product. Learn from Piper's VP of Product Amie Zukowski and CEO David Lungren. Each brings a unique perspective on product design and making it successful in the marketplace and with customers.
Piper Kit Team

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    Developing Products People Love

    • Design for an Imperfect World

    • The Mission Must Come First

    • If Deadlines Force a Product into the World

    • Set Milestones for Yourself

    • Designing in the Covid Era

    • Manufacturing is Tricky

  • 4

    Case Study

    • Case Study: Educational Efficacy

    • Case Study: Responding to Feedback

    • Case Study: Software & Hardware

  • 5


    • The Secrets to "Making It."

    • Should I Build for Education?

    • How to Sell to Educators

    • Develop a Sales Strategy

    • What Does an "Exit" Look Like in EdTech?

  • 6

    Closing Thoughts

    • Amie's Closing Thoughts


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  • Who is this DesignClass for?

    This DesignClass is for anyone who has dreamed of designing a product that brings joy to the user, educates, and can be core to the success of a business.

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