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Learn how to design and develop your ideas into real building projects & investments.

Join Matthew Rosenberg, a pioneer in thinking differently about how a design firm should work, be profitable, and impact the world.

This DesignClass is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how architects & designers can develop their own building projects.

Join M-RAD CEO, Matthew Rosenberg, in his first DesignClass as he delves deep into how he got started and the lessons he has learned from creating one of the most dynamic design and development firms in Los Angeles.

You'll learn about design, real estate development, partnerships, hiring the right team, and how to find your voice in a stressful and competitive industry. His lessons are practical and based on real experience with clients, employees, and projects.

Each lesson features exclusive videos and hands-on guides to help you learn quickly and effectively. 

By the end of this DesignClass you'll learn the exact processes Matthew and his team use to source new opportunities and develop their own projects.

This DesignClass could define your future career.

Development is risky, joining this course isn't.

If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

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What You'll Learn

Access exclusive videos, materials, and hands-on challenges


    Learn how Matthew approaches design and the unique challenges that clients bring.


    Learn how Matthew analyzes what makes a great investment for his firm and partners.


    Learn how Matthew is flipping the industry's model to make a stronger and more profitable firm.


    Learn how Matthew forms and sustains great partnerships during every stage of a project.


    Learn how Matthew leads M-Rad in a changing industry and professional landscape.


    Learn how Matthew and his team interviews potential hires and fosters a strong company culture.


    Learn how to pitch Development Proposals following the exact process M-Rad uses when developing projects.


    Connect with fellow members of the Learn to Lead with Matthew Rosenberg DesignClass inside an exclusive community

Documents & Templates

Access professional documents & templates for your development proposals


    Learn how to create a dynamic Listing Sheet that sells your vision to potential investors. Templates included.


    Learn how to craft an informative & convincing development proposal using the exact templates I use for M-Rad projects.

Matthew Rosenberg

CEO of M-Rad

Matthew is the acting design principal and owner of M-Rad. He lives in Los Angeles where he celebrates the fact that he can climb a mountain, run on a beach, and explore the thriving urban culture in a single day.
Matthew Rosenberg DesignClass

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Access exclusive videos, materials, and hands-on challenges. Learn at your own pace on any device.

  • 2

    Architects, prepare for the future!

    • Good Design is Holistic

    • You don't have to start a firm

    • Design & Profits are Not Enemies

  • 3

    How can Architects Develop Property?

  • 4

    Be Bold and Express Your Goals

    • Be Bold and Express Your Goals

    • Tap Your Network

  • 5

    Building a Great Team

    • Learn from the Hardest Days

    • Know What You Want in a Team

    • My Process for Hiring

    • Build a Focused Culture

  • 6

    How to Put Together a Development Proposal

    • Outline

    • Step 1: Finding a Property that Works

    • Step 2: Contacting the Owner

    • Step 3: Create a Zoning Analysis

    • Step 4: Create a Massing Study

    • Step 5: Gather Feedback from the Community

    • Step 6: Develop Yield Studies

    • Step 7: Design just Enough to Show your Idea

    • Step 8: Write a Short Description of Your Idea

    • Step 9: Create a Package

    • Step 10: Present Your Proposal

  • 7

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  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Purchasers will have access to the course forever.

  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

    Yes! If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

  • Who is this DesignClass for?

    This DesignClass is for students and professionals who want to learn how architects can go beyond client work and develop their own building projects.

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