Save the Amazon through Design

An interactive Case Study to stretch your design muscles and create your solution to an urgent problem.

The fires in the Brazilian Amazon have been a media frenzy throughout August and September of 2019. While the reports are still coming in regarding the exact scope, cause, and repercussions the global community has responded with concern, anger, and bewilderment. 

As you can tell, this issue is a complex mixture of political, economic, ecological, and even food issues. If farming is reduced or eliminated, then locals starve. If beef exports are reduced and not replaced with other products, the country loses essential revenue. Simultaneously, if we don't curb burning of the "world's lungs" we may all suffer from the ecological repercussions. 

Enter this Case Study--without a clear answer, we must design a solution that considers the complete context and makes progress on one of the most import issues of our time.

The Brazilian Amazon rainforest is facing a critical threat of deforestation, fire, and agriculture. How can good design be part of the solution to save the Amazon and protect its life-giving nature? 

This is your challenge.


  • What is a Case Study?

    The GoArchitect Case Study is a new educational innovation that presents the greatest challenges confronting the world—complete with the constraints and incomplete information found in real life—and places architects, designers, and innovators in the role of the decision maker. While there are no simple answers, the process of collaboration, exploration, and critical thinking helps participants create innovative design solutions to problems in a constantly shifting and diverse world. Participants become adept at developing real-world solutions and the confidence to share them with a world in need—fulfilling the GoArchitect mantra to "Go architect a better world."

  • Is this a competition?

    No, this is not a competition. GoArchitect Case Studies are open, collaborative, and educational opportunities for the design community to apply their skills to urgent needs in the world.

  • Is there a time deadline?

    No. GoArchitect Case Studies are ongoing explorations of the solutions our world needs to thrive.

  • How much does it cost?

    Free to participate.

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