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Curious about creating tattoo art? Learn how to design custom tattoos and tattoo flash for yourself, friends, and clients.

Join artist & illustrator, Ryan McCabe, in his first DesignClass as he shows you how to turn a simple idea into an amazing tattoo design.

In his practical, step-by-step, DesignClass Ryan shows how artists of all skill levels can create tattoo artwork. He begins with just an idea and goes through every step of turning it into a completed tattoo design in real-time; showing you the process behind each decision. 

Follow along as he goes through every step of the process from ideation to sketching, inking, shading, coloring, and even digitizing it on an iPad.

He will talk about the challenges of translating art to skin and the considerations you should keep in mind when designing a tattoo for yourself or a client.

If you aren't an expert artist, that's ok! This DesignClass is perfect for anyone curious about tattoo art and the unique satisfaction that comes from seeing your creation on someone's body. 

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Learn directly from Ryan about ideation, design, sketching, inking, tracing, coloring, shading, drawing on the iPad, and how to prepare your drawing to take to a tattoo shop. His lessons are practical and based on 12 years of experience creating tattoo artwork for himself, friends, and clients.

Each lesson features exclusive videos and step-by-step guides to help you learn quickly and effectively. 

What You'll Learn

Access exclusive videos, materials, and hands-on challenges


    Learn how to approach a tattoo design from the start and flush out the idea.


    Learn how to sketch your ideas and capture emotion and meaning in simple drawings.


    Learn how develop your tattoo designs beyond a sketch and make your art stand out.


    Learn how even subtle colors can add pop and emotion to your tattoo artwork.


    Learn how to shade your tattoo artwork in a way that renders well on skin and adds depth.


    Learn how to use an iPad to digitize your drawing and take things to the next level.


    Connect with fellow members of the Tattoo Design with Ryan McCabe DesignClass inside an exclusive community

Tattoos can be intimidating, joining this course isn't.

If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

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Ryan McCabe

Visual Storyteller Extraordinaire

Design is a very personal experience for me. I’ve drawn since I was able to hold a pencil and art has always been a part of my life, so I was thrilled when I learned that I could earn a living doing the things I love. Visual communication can raise awareness and give birth to new ideas, and change the world.
Ryan McCabe Tattoo DesignClass

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Access exclusive videos, materials, and hands-on challenges. Learn at your own pace on any device.


  • Who is this DesignClass for?

    This DesignClass is for anyone who has been curious about designing and illustrating a tattoo for themselves or others.

  • Do I have to be a professional artist?

    No! This DesignClass is approachable for beginners just starting out.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Purchasers will have access to the course forever.

  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

    Yes! If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

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