What is Tiny House Expo 2021?

DesignClass offers a Tiny House Design class and other creative virtual design classes to creators across the world.

DesignClass decided to create the Tiny House Expo virtual event as an opportunity to bring together tiny house designers, builders, educators, and enthusiasts who want to support each other, as well as educate and learn everything about “going tiny”.

We will be showcasing thought leaders and designers' work as well as offer opportunities to interact, share your story, and mingle with the tiny house community during these uncertain times.

Come for connection, networking, and community.

This Expo will bring people from all walks of the tiny house life.

*Expo Agenda

Subject to Change

11am-12pm PST

Joshua Sanabria, Welcome to the Expo

Lou Pereyra, All About Tiny Mountain Houses and how to design your own tiny house.

Harry Alvarez-Garmon, Starting a Business: Tiny House Ideas Podcast
12pm-1pm PST
Elvis Summers, Starting Human: The Tiny House Project for the Homeless in LA
Jay Shafer, Tiny House since 1999: Design & Efficiency
Pamela Robertson, Struggle Finding Designers, Sunshine Tiny Homes, Tiny Home Alliance Canada, Tiny Home Community Alliance
Jenifer Levini, Building Tiny Homes Legally
1pm - 2pm PST
Justin Kear, Product Manager, Enthusiast, Designer/Builder
Shane Anderson, Arbour Season, Musician and his family touring the US in a Bus-Converted Tiny Home
Kiersten Skov, Pacific Coast Tiny Homes, Transitioning to a Tiny House Career & Airbnb Passive Income
2pm - 3pm PST
Builder's Panel
Cheryl Smith, Beyond Tiny
Chris Winter, On Wheels vs. Stationary Tiny Homes, Tiny House Texas
Nick Mosely, Early History of Tiny House Movement, California Tiny House, Tiny Houses, Inc., American Tiny House Association
Lindsay Wood, Pitfalls of Going Tiny, Experience Tiny Homes
3pm - 3:30pm PST
Tiny Living Panel
Melanie Copeland, Simplicity in Design, SimplySinged, Serenitas Tiny Living
Erin Mursch, Declutter: Tiny House Living, Organized for Good
Richard Ward, Off the Grid Lifestyle & Tiny Desert Homes, Terraform Tiny Homes
3:30pm - 4pm PST
Open Call to Designer Showcase / Tiny House Plans Giveaway
4:30pm - 5pm PST
Networking Party Mixer Hangout!

Special Shout Outs to:

Tiny House Plans Giveaways: Alexis Stephens, Documentary Filmmaker,

Tiny House Expedition, Tiny House Build, Tiny Home Industry Association

Janet Thome, Tiny House Alliance USA

Meet other tiny house lovers from all over the world. This is a unique opportunity in our remote world to foster real human connection.

Hear the stories from tiny house dwellers and learn about what has worked for them, their challenges, and the day-to-day joys of going tiny.

Learn from the Experts

Get a chance to interact and engage with speakers and learn about planning for your tiny house life, design, construction, legal considerations, and even turning creative spaces into an Airbnb. 

Keynote Speakers

Learn from Decades of Experience

Connect with tiny house experts and get the answers you've been searching for.

Tiny House Expo community

Plan your Tiny House Life

Learn how to approach all the small details that will make your tiny house a joy to live in.

Tiny House Expo

Access a Growing Community

Connect after the Expo with other participants and share your journey.

Tiny House Expo community

Join the Expo,
we plant a tree!

DesignClass is climate positive.

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