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Learn how to be a champion of adaptive reuse architecture in your city.

Join Karin Liljegren and learn how to transform derelict buildings into dynamic parts of your city and use policy innovation to impact your environment.

This DesignClass is perfect for anyone who wants to influence their city's revitalization.

Join Omgivning Founder, Karin Liljegren, FAIA in her first DesignClass as she delves deep into adaptive reuse architecture and how it can impact a city's future.

You'll learn about design, creating policy, partnerships, writing strong contracts, hiring the right team, and how to be an influential voice in your community. 

Her lessons are practical and based on over 25 years of working with clients and 450 buildings in the Los Angeles area. Get the gritty details from the city policies she contributed to that helped bring Downtown LA back from the brink.

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Each lesson features exclusive videos and hands-on guides to help you learn quickly and effectively. 

By the end of this DesignClass you'll learn the exact processes Karin and her team use to advance the role of the architect in designing & developing great urban environments.

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What You'll Learn

Access exclusive videos & materials


    Learn how to approach adaptive reuse architecture and its unique design challenges.


    Learn how to form strong partnerships for the creation of policies that positively impact your city


    Learn the business of adaptive reuse architecture & how to build an influential and profitable firm.


    Learn how to manage clients during the unique stages of an adaptive reuse project.


    Learn how Karin leads Omgivning in a changing industry and professional landscape.


    Learn how Karin and her team foster a strong company culture that contributes to their city.


    Connect with fellow members of this DesignClass inside an exclusive community

Karin Liljegren, FAIA

Omgivning, Founder + Principal

After 450 buildings, Karin has become synonymous with the resurgence of Los Angeles’ urban core by uniting legislators, developers, planners, residents and fellow architects. Her merger of practice & advocacy demonstrates architects’ power to reinvigorate underutilized buildings and motivate sustainable development within a rich historic fabric.
Karin Liljegren DesignClass

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  • 2

    Policy Innovation

  • 3

    Adaptive Reuse Design

    • Seek What's Beautiful

    • What is Good Adaptive Design?

    • Case Study: Rooftop Pools

    • Know Your Design Strengths

  • 4

    Post-Pandemic Workplace Design

    • Introduction: Post-Pandemic Workplace Design

    • Concept 1: Transform Spaces

    • Concept 2: Leverage Spaces

    • Concept 3: Adapt Spaces

  • 5

    Urban Reprogramming of Commercial Spaces

    • Introduction: Urban Reprogramming of Commercial Spaces

    • Concept 1: Reuse of Strip Mall Shopping Centers

    • Concept 2: Reuse of Big Box Retail

    • Concept 3: Reuse of Light Industrial

    • Concept 4: Urban Ground Floor Commercial Space

    • Concept 5: Urban Revitalization

  • 6

    Concepts for Transforming Multifamily Living

    • Introduction: Concepts for Transforming Multifamily Living

    • Concept 1: Humanizing the Urban Experience

    • Concept 2: Expanding the Multi-Family Unit Type

    • Concept 3: Interconnection of Multi-Family Common Spaces

    • Concept 4: Rethinking Multifamily Interiors

  • 7

    Relationships are Key

    • The Magic Sauce

    • Good Partnerships are Unselfish

    • Know What Makes a Good Client

    • Communicate Proactively

  • 8

    Building a Strong Firm

  • 9

    Closing Thoughts

    • My Closing Thoughts


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    This DesignClass is for students and professionals who want to learn about adaptive reuse architecture, policy creation, client & fee management, and how to be a force for good in their city.

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    Purchasers will have access to the course forever.

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