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"This book is made for every person who desires to create," says artist Julia Zass.

Moscow artist, Julia Zass, shares the inspiration behind her new book, The Wonders of Daily Drawing.

Hi Julia, tell us about your art and what it has meant to you.

I have been drawing since I learned to hold a pen in my childhood, and art became an essential part of my life. For a long time, I was experimenting, using different techniques and trying different art directions. I could make an acrylic painting on canvas, and on the next day to cut elements from a magazine for making a collage from them. Later I learned to use computer programs and also started to create digital series of artworks. My works are inspired by my impressions of my routine, traveling and my views on social problems. Although sometimes it can be just abstract art which helps me to relax and train my imagination.

All these experiments lead me to my Drawing Journal in which I draw my thoughts and impressions every day. It taught me to look around and notice the beauty of details. It’s like a therapy, it helps me to reflect on my life, to analyze my thoughts and understand the outer world.

Why did you want to make a book about your Daily Drawing Journal?

First of all, it’s about sharing my experience with other creative people and hopefully growing the community of exploratory artists who want to investigate and fill their routine with art.

Also, creating “The Wonders of Daily Drawing” gives me new food for contemplation, the opportunity to summarise my experience of these three years of daily drawing and to bring something new to my personal project.

What do you hope to share with the world through The Wonders of Daily Drawing?

Drawing Journal is a project which helped me to grow professionally, emotionally and mentally. I want to share this experience with other creative people who feel a lack of creativity and don’t know how to bring art in their life.

I know that feeling when you want to create, to draw something, to express your thoughts but you are too stressed and have a lack of inspiration and time. Drawing Journal isn’t a panacea from all problems but it definitely can help to look at your art practice from a different angle and to inspire for something else.

Why do you think this is a perfect time to create a book like this?

The moment has come when I understand all aspects and benefits of daily drawing practice.

Many people have been asking me about the details and difficulties of such a project, scrutinizing my drawings, and the idea that this experience can be interesting and helpful to others has come. I have been keeping Drawing Journal for more than three years already and I feel that I’m ready to transform it into a new experience.

Who is the book for? Do we need to be serious artists?

This book is made for every person who desires to create. No matter what level of experience in drawing you have and what instruments you use. You can be a student, an accountant or a junior designer. Although, this guide can also be helpful for the experienced artists who want to try a new direction.

Even if you haven't tried to draw at all, you can start with writing, using collages and later decide would you like to add drawings or not. This book will explain how to begin your exploratory journey. It has units that will help to learn the basics of choosing the right instruments, finding inspiration and creating a harmonious composition. There are also exercise and checklists which will help to practice new knowledge and grow the habit to draw daily.

What are you most looking forward to when the book is released?

To be honest, the first feeling about releasing the book is nervousness. Although I'm looking forward to sharing my art with readers, receiving feedback and looking at how people begin to use this guide for improving their skills and receiving a new experience. I packed a decent part of my knowledge and energy into this book, and if it will make someone a little bit happier — it will be the best reward for me.

The Wonders of Daily Drawing by Julia ZassThe Wonders of Daily Drawing by Julia ZassThe Wonders of Daily Drawing by Julia ZassThe Wonders of Daily Drawing by Julia Zass
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