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"My main goal as an architect and designer is to create aesthetically pleasing projects," says Anton Kostetsky

Anton Kostetsky is a Finalist in the Architecture Illustration Competition.

My name is Anton Kostetsky, my work «Light of Ice Dance» was included in the top 5 works of the Architecture Illustration Competition, where I participated together with my colleagues from the State Budgetary Institution «GlavAPU».

I was born and live in Moscow, Russia. My career began in high school, when I was learning in art school. After leaving school, I entered the Department of Industrial Design. Now I work as a leading architect in the design department of the State Budgetary Institution «GlavAPU».

GBU «GlavAPU» is a subordinate organization of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the city of Moscow . Since 1992, specialists of the State Budgetary Institution «GlavAPU» have been involved in the implementation of large-scale urban development projects that contribute to the creation of a comfortable urban environment. I am very glad that my work supports participation in different competitions.

My main goal as an architect and designer is to create aesthetically pleasing projects. After I saw the topic of the competition, I wanted to take part in it. I love to paint and try myself in new creative directions. Before the competition, I had never had the opportunity to paint a full-fledged picture depicting an architectural object. This was a unique opportunity, and I decided to take it.

I wanted to paint the Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan, although I did not visit it personally. The structure impressed me greatly with its shape and play of light. For me it was a completely new experience both in the work on the plot of the illustration and in the technique of its execution.

I hope there will be more original and innovative buildings in the world, such as the cultural center I have pictured. After completing the illustration, I had a great idea to create a series of similar paintings depicting objects of modern architecture from different cities of the world.​

Anton KostetskyAnton KostetskyAnton KostetskyAnton Kostetsky
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