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Julia Zass shares some tips for connecting with your creative side

Moscow artist, Julia Zass, shares a few simple ways she finds inspiration.

Hi, I'm Julia Zass and here are just a few quick ways to connect with your creative side

Find inspiration in your routine

We often repeat the same actions every day, it can be felt exhausting and frustrating. But there are no routine tasks, only routine ways of doing things. There is always an opportunity to refresh your days by slightly changing your usual habits and looking at boring rituals differently. Here are a few easy ways to do it...

Take a new way home

Take a walk instead of using public transportation or driving. If you live in a city, don't go to the nearest subway station to your home or office. Instead, walk to the next one, so you could see new architecture, streets, and discover new neighborhoods.

Try a new food

Go to some new authentic place and try unknown cuisine. When you're at home, cook new dishes and always try to serve your food with creativity and attention to detail. Most importantly, enjoy it!

Take a small trip

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of time and money on travel. Try going to a neighboring town that you've never visited before. It doesn't have to be far, going just a few hours away for a day or weekend will work wonders.

Educate yourself

New knowledge is always an inspiration. Trying reading, going to lectures, visiting libraries, or doing courses or master-classes. It’s a great way to develop your skills and get some nutrition for your creativity.

Watch a sci-fi, documentaries and fantasy films

We all know this, great films are always an easy way to be inspired. Sometimes it can be helpful to disconnect from the world for a while.

Always choose new instead of familiar

Every time you have an opportunity, try something new. It’s uncomfortable to go out of your comfort zone but it’s always worth it.

The Wonders of Daily Drawing by Julia Zass.The Wonders of Daily Drawing by Julia Zass.The Wonders of Daily Drawing by Julia Zass.The Wonders of Daily Drawing by Julia Zass.
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