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"I hope to use my own way to record the traditional Chinese architecture and ancient villages I love," says Liu Pengye

Three students from Tianjin Polytechnic University are Finalists in the Architecture Illustration Competition.

A brief interview with 3 students from Tianjin Polytechnic University.

Liu Pengye

During my undergraduate college, I first majored in mechanics. I chose art design halfway because of my love for nature, nation, and design. I hope to use my own way to record the traditional Chinese architecture and ancient villages I love. This is the root of China. I also hope to use our own design to satisfy everyone's pursuit of life, and to achieve a real design, rather than a design for design. Participating in the competition is mainly to exercise one's cognition of things. Out of respect and pursuit of art, I hope to express my ideas through the competition.

What I want to say is that art is not very far away from us, it is by our side. I hope everyone can pay more attention to their own national culture and deep spiritual power. This is the reason why I sent this email in Chinese.

Yan Bowen

I want to form my own design concepts and let my design create be a benefit for the society, make a certain contribution, and realize my design value! I joined out of curiosity about the competition, enthusiasm for the organizing committee, breakthrough myself, etc., these are my motivations for participating in the competition. Skilled brushstrokes create a unique texture and environment. Frequent thinking about historical and cultural relics has become the main source of inspiration for my creation!

I would like to say that I hope people will design with their hearts and sincerity to impress their audience through design.

Jiang Wan

At the beginning, I chose interior design because my senior sister said that this major is mainly for drawing with software. Out of curiosity, I chose this major. The more I study, the more I love it. I think design is an interesting thing.

As a design goal, there is actually no goal. Just present what I think. As long as someone appreciates it's existence, no matter how much, I will be very happy. Of course, I hope that I can have a lot of valuable suggestions for me. I can make more and more progress. Participating in the design competition is to hope that your design can be recognized, and I want to be more motivated in the future!

What you want to let the world know, everyone understands the truth, just say a very beautiful thing that I have seen recently: Passing the customs is difficult, and the road ahead is long and bright! I hope that the road of life, learning, and design in the future will be brilliant!

Tianjin Polytechnic UniversityTianjin Polytechnic UniversityTianjin Polytechnic UniversityTianjin Polytechnic University
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