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"Hive Earth's approach to construction is the future" says Hive Earth CEO Joelle Eyeson

Joelle Eyeson, CEO & Co-Founder of Hive Earth shares her vision for the movement.

Today we have a unique and inspiring interview with Joelle Eyeson, CEO & Co-Founder of Hive Earth.

Hive Earth is a dynamic startup based in Ghana who is proving that rammed earth can be a green, economical, and socially supportive method of development for the African continent. This interview provides fascinating insights into their team and the journey of using a new but simultaneously ancient technology as a catalyst for positive change.  

We asked Joelle 5 questions:

  1. How did the team get started and what drove them to pursue such a revolutionary idea?
  2. What is the long term vision for Hive Earth?
  3. What challenges has the team overcome so far and what do you view as the biggest challenges yet to come?
  4. Do you see Hive Earth’s approach and tech as a long term solution for development or is it a temporary solution that serves as a stepping stone to something else?
  5. What can architects and builders from other parts of the world learn from Hive Earth?

Click below to listen her amazing responses.

Joelle Eyeson from Hive EarthJoelle Eyeson from Hive EarthJoelle Eyeson from Hive EarthJoelle Eyeson from Hive Earth
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