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Freecell wins the Architects as Developers Design Competition

Freecell Architecture, a rising firm in NYC, designs a bold building for tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow.

Freecell is an Architecture office based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We like diversity and work on a wide range of projects - art installations, apartment & office renovations, music studios, fashion showrooms, and new builds. We are geographically focused in NYC and LA, but have projects scattered around the US and, occasionally, on foreign soil.  

At Freecell, we find it critical to explore and understand the city and its neighborhoods and find ourselves optimistically engaged with development opportunities. We actively discuss and explore various programs (schools, offices, manufacturing, residential, & parks) that often are situated on unused and challenging land.  These pieces of land typically have awkward shapes, difficult access, and are vulnerable to climate change. This competition was the perfect venue to continue exploring these possibilities.

We believe architects can play a huge role in development - helping shape, explore, push, and expand on ideas about using land to improve on existing neighborhood fabrics. We strongly believe it's the architect's responsibility to help developers incorporate ideas that assert racial equality, economic fairness, and environmental stewardship into each project. This partnership will contribute to healthy communities.

After submitting to the competition, our selected site, adjacent to Bush Terminal Park, was earmarked for a new Steiner Studio facility to produce television and film. We will continue to think about the proposal and send a few notes to Steiner to see if they need a consultation.

See their full design here.

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