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"Design is an instrument that serves humans, providing mental and physical comfort."

Two young architects create a mental escape from the stresses of the Coronavirus

Tell us about who you are.

We are young architects from Ukraine, who studied together in Kyiv, our capital. Yana works now as an architect and interior designer, Mykya as an editor in an urban magazine and product designer while dealing with 3d visualisation. Despite the fact that we work in different companies we’ve already finished together some competition projects in architecture before. We have similar aesthetical vision and thoughts about the meaning of architecture, design and art in human’s life and in society. We’re manifesting the idea that each piece of design should contain a function that somehow solves one or another people’s problem as well as an aesthetical component which could spur our imagination.

What inspired you to enter the coronavirus design competition?

The lockdown in Ukraine and all over the world caused panic among society. People became more attentive to the details that surround them in everyday life. So we decided to create design that will work with both psychological and practical context. To find a decision that could help people to cope with mental struggles of isolation. Situation in the world is unique and no one really knows how to deal with it. But we’re convinced that only through cooperation we could make things right. This competition was a perfect chance to cooperate;)

What role do you think design has in today's world?

Design, up to our point of view, is an instrument that serves humans providing mental and physical comfort.

Modern world strives to rationalization, speed and material benefit. People want to see in design a way to simplify everything that can be simplified. To reduce the time waste through function and to bring pleasure in everyday routine through aesthetic.  

Any closing thoughts? Anything you'd like the world to know?

Try to put every physical thing in your home upside down more often - that stimulates imagination very well;)

Coronavirus Design CompetitionCoronavirus Design CompetitionCoronavirus Design CompetitionCoronavirus Design Competition
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