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"Design is All About People": Joshua Sanabria Explores Storytelling, Media and Alternative Paths

DesignClass was featured on ArchDaily.

Read the entire, original article on Archdaily.


Storytelling is at the heart of architecture and design. For Josh Sanabria, CEO of independent media company DesignClass, great stories foster curiosity and creativity. Moving between design and technology, Sanabria has launched numerous competitions and interactive classes to celebrate design and advocate its impact. In a new interview with ArchDaily, Sanabria explores storytelling, media and technology, as well as how designers can create meaningful impact through their work.

Why did you choose to study architecture?

Like a lot of people who read ArchDaily, architecture was my first love. I always admired how buildings could be so much more than walls, windows, and doors. They could be powerful and emotional while merging the two worlds of art and logic.

Working across design and media, you’re the Founder & CEO of GoArchitect. You’ve also launched DesignClass, which creates online classes taught by leaders in art & design. What is the mission of DesignClass, and what do you hope to achieve with your work?

DesignClass is on a mission to foster curious and creative confidence. We do this by being active stewards in the design community. This has translated into creating online classes and competitions from leaders in art & design, running student scholarships, and even helping to develop a summer abroad program.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming work, including to help students around the world learn about architecture?

There is a burden on my heart to spur on the love of design in future generations. The question has always been, how do I do this? I’ll be honest, I am not a teacher. What I am though is a leader, organizer, and a person of direction. Now, with DesignClass as a platform with over 800 students, I’ve begun to analyze how we can expand beyond our typical college and young-professional audience and reach out to high school and even elementary students.

Earlier this year, we launched the Paul R. Williams Student Scholarship to help support diversity in the architecture field through scholarships to black high school students entering an architecture program. The scholarship has already supported 4 students and we hope to fund many more next semester. Our co-sponsorships with M-Rad, Rush Dixon Architects, Edward Deegan Architects & Interiors, and the Charleston AIA have made this all possible.


Read the entire, original article on Archdaily.

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