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"Dante taught me to understand the depth of human qualities" says architect Moshe Katz

Architect Moshe Katz shares 3 books that have influenced his life in architecture.

Moshe Katz

Founder of Moshe Katz Architecture

What 3 books have impacted your life in architecture and why?

The Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri, 1320

I see this book as a masterpiece from a revolutionary and visionary architect. Dante showed me the importance of creating a story for each space, giving it life and details until it is full of life. Dante taught me to understand the depth of human qualities, every architect must possess and use this in his work for his life; passion, curiosity and love.

The Poetics of Space

Gaston Bachelard, 1958

This book was one of the most important experiences I've ever had. It opened my understanding and eyes towards an architecture that is based on psychology, philosophy, poetry, and sociology. It was a multidisciplinary awakening for me to understand that reality is just a recommendation. It is filled with infinite, invisible dimensions to be discovered in my creative process for each space.

Louis Kahn: Essential Texts

Louis Kahn, 1940-1972

During the long search and development of my creative process, one piece was missing: the spiritual connection and how it becomes a tool.

I learned from Louis Kahn how to use spirituality, ask the right questions, look at the essence of space, and give it a living spirit, rather than just a physical body.

Moshe KatzMoshe KatzMoshe KatzMoshe Katz
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