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15 Essential Questions to Ask Your Tiny House Builder

Here are 15 important questions to ask a potential tiny house builder before you sign any contracts or move forward with a build.

Approaching a tiny house builder can be an intimidating part of going tiny. Like any construction project, you have to be aware of the potential pitfalls that risk making your tiny house expensive, slow to build, or even dangerous. Here are 15 questions to ask any builder or contractor you approach about building your tiny house. If they can't answer these simple questions, you may want to look elsewhere.

Here are the same 15 questions in a PDF to take with you to meetings.


  1. How long has your company been constructing tiny houses?
  2. What certifications do you offer for your tiny houses? 
  3. Do you have any model tiny houses I can tour?
  4. Where are your tiny houses constructed? 


  1. What standard floorplans do you offer for tiny houses?
  2. What customization options do you provide for your standard floor plans?
  3. If I want to build a custom design, do you offer design and construction services?
  4. How long will construction take if I decide to build with your company?
  5. Do you outsource construction or have everything in-house?
  6. If I’d like to source my own materials or design elements, is your shop setup for that type of arrangement?


  1. What is the price range for standard and custom builds?
  2. What type of payment structure do you operate under?
  3. Do you offer financing or have a relationship with a financing provider?


  1. What transportation options do you provide to get my tiny house to the site?
  2. What warranties do you offer on your tiny houses and the products inside?

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