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Become the best presenter in your class, office, and boardroom.

Design Presentation Mastery with Josh Sanabria

Timeless activities and principles for students & professionals who want to present their ideas with confidence and conviction.
Josh Sanabria DesignClass

Become a champion of adaptive reuse architecture

Adaptive Reuse Architecture with Karin Liljegren

Learn how to be a force for good in your city with Karin Liljegren, one of the most respected & prolific adaptive reuse architects in Los Angeles.
Karin Liljegren DesignClass

Design & develop your own architecture

Architects as Developers with Matthew Rosenberg

Join Matthew as he shows how he leads in architecture, real estate development, and business to create a dynamic & profitable firm.
Kendall Wilkinson DesignClass

Learn how to illustrate your own creations

Children's Book Illustration with Ryan McCabe

Learn how to illustrate beautiful and engaging children's books with artist, Ryan McCabe. Follow along as he goes through every step from ideation to sketching, tracing, shading, coloring, and prepping for publication.
Children's Book Illustration with Ryan McCabe

Turn your ideas into amazing tattoo designs

Tattoo Design with Ryan McCabe

Ryan McCabe harnesses 12 years of illustration experience to show you how to create stunning tattoo artwork filled with beauty & meaning.
Ryan McCabe DesignClass

Design amazing spaces that bring joy to your clients

Interior Design with Kendall Wilkinson

Join Kendall as she shows what makes good design, a strong business, and a team ready for the future.
Kendall Wilkinson DesignClass

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DesignClass is on a mission to build your creative confidence

Each DesignClass is created to help you grow as a designer, leader, and individual.

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Access exclusive videos, materials, and hands-on challenges. Learn at your own pace on any device.

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We believe high-quality art & design education can foster curious and creative confidence in a world in desperate need of new solutions to challenging problems.

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